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Viral Pyrexia (Viral Fever): Meaning, symptoms, causes, and treatments


Increase in body temperature above 98.6°F (37 °C) due to an underlying viral illness

Viral fever itself is not an illness, it is a symptom of an underlying cause, which is a viral infection. [1]
- Medical diagnosis by a general physician is required for confirmation.
- It affects both men and women.
- Lab tests and imaging might be required.
- It can be physically discomforting and painful.
Viral fever is classified into four types based on severity low grade, moderate, high, and hyperpyrexia and acute, sub-acute and chronic based on persistence. The general causes for viral fever are unprotected sexual intercourse, alcohol withdrawal, dehydration, sunburn, amphetamine abuse, needle sharing while intravenous drug abuse, and viral infections.
Ages affected below the age of 12 years most often; above 12 and below 70 years less often; above 70 years most often


Symptoms include nasal and chest congestion, dizziness, painful tonsils, and intermittent fever. Getting evaluated by a doctor is advised.

People may experience
Weakness Fatigue, dizziness, weakness, and chills
Uneasiness Pharynx irritation, sore throat, congestion, vomiting, and nausea
Pain Body ache, joint pain, and tonsil pain


Self-care: Preventing infection with good hygiene practices, proper hydration, and plenty of rest
Medications: Take over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs like certain antibiotics and antivirals.
Specialists: Other treatments can be done after consulting a specialist. At mfine, complete treatment and after-surgery care is provided to the patients for a quick recovery.

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