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Bronchitis and Inflammation of Lung Airways: All That You May Want to Know


A condition of inflammation of airways and windpipe of the lungs, causing irritation and severe cough.

4% of the population suffering from Chronic viral bronchitis and 44 out of 1000 suffer from acute bronchitis. [1]

- Requires medical treatment
- Prevalent among both men and women, more among males
- Caused due to the virus
- Requires medications
- May require lab tests

Infection leading to inflammation of windpipe and airways due to the virus. A severe cough with thickened and discolored mucus can be observed. Constant irritation may continue. May be acute or chronic viral bronchitis. Chronic cases require serious and immediate medical attention

Ages affected - Can occur to those of any age group, more prevalent among children


Self - diagnosable
Any symptoms of a constant cough, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, chest discomfort should be reported to a health care provider immediately.

People may experience
Pain - sharp pain and discomfort near the chest
Fatigue - tiredness, and fatigue
A cough - mild to a severe cough with mucus
Fever - slight fever along with chills


Self-Care: Smoking and alcohol should be avoided at this condition. Hygiene should be maintained along with good rest.

Medications: Medical professional may advise a chest X-ray to understand the condition. cough suppressants and medications may be recommended as a condition suggests.

Specialists: In case of the above-mentioned symptoms, contact your medical professional. We at mfine are here to help you with complete health care program.

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