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Things you need to know about Pedal edema


Pedal edema is the swelling of the foot caused due to excess fluid trapped in the tissues.

Pedal edema may or may not be a cause of another underlying disease. Pedal edema is more common in pregnant women and older people. [1]

- Can be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- Physical examination may be required
- Imaging may be necessary
- Blood test to find allergy may be required

Pedal edema is the edema that affects the foot. It causes swelling of the foot due to fluid retention. Moreover, it also causes fluid build-up in the foot and lower leg region. It can be caused due to secondary causes like pregnancy and medication side effect.


Self-diagnosable – Swelling that is associated with puffy, stretched and shining skin in the lower leg and ankle region.
The affected skin retains a dimple when pressed deeply.
Swelling of the tissue directly under the skin
Feeling of heaviness in the foot


Self-care: Avoid sitting or standing for a long time. One should also avoid hanging their legs in free air if they are detected with pedal edema. A solution to this would be holding the swollen part above heart level multiple times a day.
Medicines: Mild edema usually resolves by itself, but the severe one might need medical intervention.
Application of diuretic can be prescribed to expel excess fluid via urine
Treatment of underlying cause in case the doctor suspects something else
The medication will depend upon the cause of edema and as understood by the doctor.
Specialists: For other concerns, consult a physician or an orthopaedist. At mfine, you can get support for different treatments.

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