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Tension Headaches: How To Eliminate Them?


A headache that occurs due to muscle tension or spasms in the neck, scalp, and behind the eyes.

Women have a two times higher chance of experiencing tension headaches than men

-Can be treated at home
-May require lab tests and physical examination for medical diagnosis
-Affects both men and women
-Resolves with appropriate self-care in a few weeks

A tension headache is a mild, moderate, or intense pain which occurs when the muscles in the sinus area (behind the brow bones and cheeks areas), scalp, and neck tighten up and cause pain. Its causes are linked to depression, injury, stress, and anxiety. Tension headaches go away in a few weeks automatically but sometimes require supplementation, relaxation, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to treat it effectively.

Ages affected:0 to 2 - less often; 3 to 18 - more often; 14 to 60+ - most often;


Common symptoms for tension headaches include pain around the neck and scalp area and tenderness.
People may experience
Eye strain - Especially pain in the back of the eyes
Emotional Stress - such as feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.
Cold - that arises from sleeping on cold surfaces


Self-care: Changing your diet to a healthier one and practicing relaxing activities like meditation, yoga, and drawing reduces stress and relieves tension headaches

Medications: OTC Drugs can be taken but only occasionally

Specialists: Our therapists at mfine specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatments (CBT) and will recommend a customized treatment plan to you after a medical diagnosis. Step into our holistic treatment program and experience the change by the end of it.

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