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Striae atrophicae: What you need to know about them?


Streaks appearing on the skin often due to distension.

Sudden weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy and adolescent growth are common causes of stretch marks.

  • Can be of various sizes and lengths
  • Affects both men and women
  • Is not painful or dangerous -
  • Long-term: May not resolve but fade over time

Striae atrophicae, or stretch marks, are indentations on the skin. They may look like thin lines or wide streaks and are typically caused due to stretching of the skin (beyond its elasticity). Stretch marks are commonly found in the abdomen, arms, upper legs, and the breast region. In case of any changes observed in the streaks such as burning, itching, redness, etc., immediate consultation is advised.


Self-diagnosable: These stretch marks can easily be self-diagnosed and do not require specific treatment. Narrow or wide lines on the skin Pinkish-blue shades Streaks may lighten over time May appear wrinkled or straight


Self-care: Maintain a healthy weight to avoid stretch marks. Exercise and strength toning can help keep the skin toned. Follow a pregnancy diet: Pregnant women are most at risk for stretch marks but a steady diet and exercise as recommended by the doctors can help control these lines.

Topical ointments: Creams rich in retinol and vitamin C and E may be prescribed to lower visibility of the streaks. Laser surgery: In extreme cases, laser surgery may be used to remove scars.

Specialists: For any other concerns, consult a dermatologist. At mfine, you will receive expert care and a holistic treatment plan.

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