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Steroid Abuse: Unknown Facts


Steroids are chemicals produced naturally by the human body. They help the organs, tissues, and cells in the body function well.

Anabolic steroid misuse is most commonly seen in male weightlifters, in the age group of 20 to 30. [1]

- Steroids are known to enhance one’s appearance and one’s performance in sports.
- Steroids are also known commonly as juice or roids.
- Besides addiction, steroid abuse can lead to permanent and long-term health problems.

Steroids also refer to man-made steroids or anabolic steroids that are a variation of the male sex hormone testosterone. These are used medically for helping the body fight inflammation quickly. However, these steroids are often taken without medical advice to build muscle or improve performance in sports.

Symptoms :

Symptoms of steroid abuse can differ from person to person. The commonly observed symptoms are :
- Hairfall
- Pimples
- The growth of beards in girls and the development of breasts in boys (gynecomastia)
- Unexplained anger
- Bulking up of the body
- Eventual reduction of lifespan
- Hormonal imbalance


The treatment for steroid abuse is decided based on the reasons for which it has been used. The following are the treatments generally recommended:
Psychological therapies to treat muscle dysmorphia
Endocrine therapies to help depression and hypogonadism subside
Use of antidepressants if endocrine therapies do not help
Pharmacological treatment

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