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Having trouble sleeping?


Sleeping issues are a collection of conditions that influence the capacity to sleep soundly. They can be caused by a medical condition or due to emotional pressure.

The explanations behind higher pervasiveness of sleep apnea in the elderly are accepted to be caused by expanded greasy stores in the parapharyngeal territory(areas of head and neck).[1]

- Can be cured by medicinal treatments
- Maybe caused by allergy or cold medication
- The absence of sleep can negatively affect vitality, temperament, and lifestyle.
- A specialist will watch your sleep patterns, mind waves, pulse.

Many people often encounter sleeping issues because of stress, workload, and other external reasons. Nonetheless, when these issues start to happen all the time and interrupt day to day life, they may be categorized as sleeping disorder.

Ages affected - between 20 - 65 –often; 65 and above –most often


Symptoms include irritability or anxiety, the absence of focus and depression all of which are reasons to consult a physician, psychiatrist or sleep specialist.

General symptoms of sleep issue include:

- staying unconscious
- daytime fatigue
- Compelling impulse to take snoozes during the day
- irritability or anxiety
- absence of focus
- depression


a glass of warm milk before bed has shown to be helpful in ensuring a tight sleep.

Medications are generally used for a brief time and work best together with good sleep practices and behavioral treatments.

Medicinal treatment for sleep disturbances may incorporate any of the following:

(1) dozing pills
(2) melatonin supplements
(3) prescriptions for any hidden medical problems
(4) breathing gadget or medical procedure (more often than not for sleep apnea)
(5) a dental guard

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