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Sickle Cell Thalassemia And Your Guide To It


Sickle cell thalassemia is a genetic condition where RBCs turn sickle-shaped and are unable to pass through blood vessels properly.

According to WHO, 20% of the world population has a Sickle Cell SB+ (beta) Thalassemia disorder. [1]

- Is hereditary
- No cures are available for this condition
- Treatments relieve symptoms
- Both parents must carry a sickle cell gene
- Medical complications are possible

Sickle cell thalassemia occurs when both parents pass on abnormal genes to their children, thereby creating a genetic disorder. Thalassemia is a condition where the RBC count is low, causing severe anemia in children. To counteract this, the body tries to increase RBC production which leads to an enlarged spleen and other abnormalities. Sickle cell thalassemia is not curable but its symptoms can be relieved with treatment.


Common symptoms of sickle cell thalassemia include fatigue, jaundice, and chest pains.

People also experience:
- Infections which are frequent
- Fatigue and too much irritability linked to anemia
- Wetting of the bed due to kidney problems
- Swelling of the hands and feet
- Pain - in the chest, back, arms, and legs


Drink eight 12-ounce glasses of water every day and stay active but don't overexert yourself. Avoid alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, and eat healthily to reduce stress and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Certain drugs are prescribed to sickle cell thalassemia patients to reduce pain episodes and their severity. Sickle cell thalassemia patients are also given blood transfusions regularly during times of crisis. Other medications which could be prescribed are chemoprophylaxis with penicillin.

Palliative care and ensuring a patient continues a high-quality of life with ongoing treatment is important. At mfine, our healthcare professionals specialize in crafting the best treatment plans for your needs. To know more, get in touch with us.

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