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All you need to know Sickle Cell Disease


Sickle cell disease is a type of inherited anemia. It is a condition in which there aren't sufficient healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body.

SCD is an autosomal recessive condition. One needs two copies of the gene to have the disease. If you have only one copy of the gene, you are said to have the sickle cell trait. [1]

- Requires medical examination.
- Can’t be cured but treatment can help manage the symptoms.
- Can be a chronic condition, yet can be managed with proper treatment

Healthy red blood cells are adaptable and round which move effortlessly through your veins. In sickle cell disease, the red platelets end up becoming inflexible and sticky and are formed like sickles or crescent moons. These irregularly molded cells can get stuck in small veins, which can slow down or block the blood flow and oxygen to different parts of the body.


- Pain affected areas are in the joints.
- Dizziness and fatigue.
- Blood in urine.
- Shortness of breath.
- Yellow skin and eyes.


Self-care: Drink enough water and take folic acid supplements along with a healthy diet and exercise.
Take over-the-counter medication for pain relief but only under supervision from a doctor.

Medication: The doctor may prescribe antibiotics and pain-relieving medication.
Specialists: The specialist will conduct tests for the diagnosis then proceed towards treatment.

A bone marrow transplant may offer potential cure.
Blood transfusion also helps in managing the condition.
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