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All you need to know Shingles


Shingles, or herpes zoster, happens when the lethargic or dormant chickenpox virus, varicella zoster, is reactivated in your nerve tissues. Early indications of shingles involve shivering and localized pain.

Most, however not all, individuals with shingles build up a blistering rash. You may likewise encounter tingling, burning, or profound pain. [1]

- Requires medical diagnosis
- There are is no cure for shingles but it can be controlled with proper treatment.

While shingles not a perilous condition, it can be painful. Immunizations can help decrease the dangers of shingles. Early treatment can help shorten the infection and decrease the possibility of any future complications.


- Pain affected area is in the skin.
- Burning, numbness or tingling.
- Sensitivity to touch.
- A red rash appearing a few days after the pain.
- Fluid-filled blisters that burst open.
- Itching
- Sometimes people experience fever, fatigue, and headache


Self-care: Taking a bath with cold water, wet compression on blisters.
Medication: Pain relief and antiviral medications are prescribed. For prevention, shingles vaccine is recommended.
For other concerns, consult a specialist.
Specialists: If there is no improvement and the symptoms are serious, consult a specialist.
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