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Sepsis: A Risky Health Issue


Sepsis is an overwhelming or out-of-balance response of the body to an infection. It might be a life-threatening condition.

Sepsis is estimated to affect about 30 million people worldwide each year.[1]

- One million cases a year in India.
- Has to be medically diagnosed and treated.
- Resolves within days or weeks

When affected by sepsis, the body sends a stream of chemicals into the blood to fight infection and this slows down blood flow and damages the organs. Early diagnosis and treatment are very important to prevent the condition from progressing to severe and potentially fatal stages. Sepsis has two stages - severe sepsis and septic shock. Of the two, septic shock is fatal because it leads to a steep drop in blood pressure.


Common signs of sepsis are :
- Fever
- Feeling faint, weak and confused
- Higher heart and breathing rate
- An existing infection severe sepsis presents itself as -
- reduced urination
- low platelet count
- patchy discolored skin
- abnormal heart functioning
- increased weakness


Intensive treatment in an ICU is adopted. Antibiotics are injected into the patient to fight the advanced infection. IV fluids and oxygen are employed to maintain the blood pressure at normal.


Doctors may prescribe vasoactive medicines( which help increase blood pressure), insulin, corticosteroids, and painkillers.
A respirator is used for breathing and in case of kidney failure, dialysis is required.
In severe cases, surgical procedures are adopted to remove infected tissue.

Sepsis is a hazardous condition and requires immediate medical help. If you find any early symptoms, consult a physician. mfine provides you with fast and trustworthy online medical consultancy.

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