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Do you need a second medical opinion? What you need to know


Getting another opinion from a medical professional after initial diagnosis.

An important step in the course of having good health is taking a vigorous role in your health care.

A latest research discovered that almost 9 out of 10 individuals who go for a second opinion following an appointment with a doctor are expected to leave with a fresh diagnosis or a distinguished one at the least from what they were told in the first place.[1]

When to get a second medical opinion
- To get a better piece of mind and confidence in your treatment plan
- When you have been diagnosed with a rare condition
- To eliminate any chances of a wrong diagnosis
- To become informed about any other course of treatment that could be available
- If the healing process has been undertaken but the symptoms do not change
- If the course of treatment prescribed to you is risky or has lifelong effects
- If you are diagnosed with cancer
- If the diagnosis is not clear or risky
- When the condition affects your standard way of life

How can it help

- To be a more informed healthcare consumer
- To know all your options and select the one that fits your requirements
- To confirm that the course of treatment prescribed to you was right
- To get additional information about your ailment

You can seek a second medical opinion at mfine. It provides a holistic treatment program that helps deal with varying issues.

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