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How to cure a seasonal cold


Common cold is a viral infection of nose and throat. It usually goes away in a week. Common cold and Flu are pretty similar but the Flu is more severe than cold.

There are more than 10 million cases of seasonal cold per year in India. [1]
- Does not lead to additional health problems
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Spreads easily
- Children can experience fever with cold

Cause of common cold is entering of virus in the body through eyes, nose or mouth. During the first three days of illness, the disease is contagious and requires rest to cure and to make sure it doesn't spread. If it does not get cured by a week, then you may have a bacterial infection. If the cold is not passing quickly, then it is possible that it is allergy or sinusitis.


- Cough
- Sore throat
- Runny or stuffy nose
- Congestion
- Lack of appetite
- Sneezing
- Low-grade fever
- Achy body
- Unwell feeling
- Chest discomfort
- Chills


- Drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated such as water, warm lemon water, and juice.
- Eat chicken soup to keep your throat warm and sooth it. It helps in reducing congestion.
- Sooth your throat. Saltwater gargle can help in soothing your throat and relieve it.

- Use saline nasal drops to relieve nasal congestion
- You can use pain relievers for fear, sore throat and headache
- Cough syrups can help in the soothing throat and relieving pain

Always consult a specialist to understand the illness properly. At mfine, we thoroughly check each and every disease to help you get a healthy body.

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