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Rodent bites: How to deal with it?


Bites caused due to rodents like rats, mice, guinea pigs, and hamsters are known as rodent bites.

Almost 10% of the rodents carry infections that can be transmitted to humans by their bites.[1]

Rodent bites:
- It may cause tetanus infections.
- It may be a single puncture wounds or multiple abrasions.
- Bleeding can also occur.
- Though infection seems to be rare, but all rodent bites should be promptly treated.

If rodent bites a person, then he or she should thoroughly wash and cleanse the bitten area to reduce the risk of infection.


The very common symptoms of rodent bites are:
- Pain in the bitten area
- Redness
- Swelling in the area around
- Weeping pus-filled wound, in case of secondary infection
- Heat

Such bites may further lead to Rat Bite Fever or RBF. The symptoms of the fever include:
- Muscle ache
- Vomiting
- Joint ache
- Rash
- Swollen Lymph Nodes


Self-care/First Aid: The immediate action that can be taken in case of a rodent bite is to control the bleeding and clean the wound with clean warm water and soap. Apply ointment on the infected area and cover it with clean and dry dressing.

Medication: It is advisable to consult a doctor in such cases, since bites can lead to further complications. The doctor might recommend a tetanus immunization or stitches too. If bites lead to Rat Bite Fever, then the doctor might prescribe antibiotics that will include Amoxicillin, Penicillin, Erythromycin, and Doxycycline.

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