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Right Cheek Inflammation: All You Need To Know.


Cheek swelling happens when there is a lump on the cheek or the cheeks become larger than normal. It mostly happens when fluid gets accumulated in the tissues of the cheeks.
About 60 percent of people have had slapped cheek syndrome by the age of 30. 

This may happen due to :
1. Some severe allergic reaction
2. Viral infection.

Minor swelling of the cheeks can happen due to an injury on the face and usually goes away on its own. However, sometimes such swelling may also be accompanied by sudden swelling of the lips or tongue as well as breathing problems. In such a case, prompt medical care should be sought.


Symptoms apart from swelling may include warmth, itchiness, throbbing, pain, warmth, redness, and trouble while eating or speaking.


- One might feel tempted to touch or scratch the area of swelling; however, it is necessary that you do not scratch.
- Putting ice on the area of swelling can provide relief from itching as well as inflammation.


A doctor may recommend over-the-counter medicines where natural substances may reduce itching and reduce other symptoms. Steroids and antibiotics may also be prescribed. Painkillers, in order to reduce pain and tropical creams that are anti-itch and antihistamine, may also be recommended.

In case of rapidly growing swelling, high fevers or a history of cancer, a specialist must be seen immediately. At mfine you will receive immediate assistance and a specialist to give a proper diagnosis.

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