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Psoriasis Heres what you need to know


Psoriasis is a habitual skin condition where the life cycle of skin cells shoots up. Its characterized by abnormal skin patches, which are regularly itchy and scaly.
Psoriasis affects around 80 million people worldwide annually, 10 million cases of which are from India. [1]
-- Requires a medical diagnosis
-- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
-- Chronic  can last for years or be lifelong
-- Treatment can help, but this disease is incurable

This disease is generally perceived as a genetic one, triggered by natural factors. Psoriasis is incurable but diverse types of treatment can help curb the symptoms, comprising of steroid creams, UV light medications, etc.
Ages affected  Between 0 and 13: Less rare; Between 14 and 60: Predominant; Above 60 More rare.


Requires a medical diagnosis
Common symptoms include rashes on skin, nails or joints. Skin undergoes inflammation and exfoliation, accompanied by acute dryness, itching and swelling.
People may experience:
- Pain areas  in the joints
- Skin  fissures, flakiness, thickness, redness, dryness
- Also common joint stiffness, small dents in nails, depression, etc.
- Bleeding  when involved skin is scratched


Patients can apply petroleum jelly, or take advantage of ultraviolet light therapy. Usage of moisturizers and adopting stress management techniques also help.

Medicines containing Vitamin A are generally prescribed by doctors.

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