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Pseudo Acanthosis Nigricans: Symptoms and Treatment


Skin disorder causing pigmentation and dark patches on the skin of velvety texture.

Exact incidence unknown, in a study of 1412 children, chances are 7.1% of the condition occurring to them[1]

- Prevalent among both males and females
- Requires medical attention
- Not disease but is a condition
- Obesity is one of the major causes

A skin pigmentation disorder which causes patches on the skin and can cause dark color. The patches are thick and velvety in texture. The patches may occur in armpits, neck, knuckles, lips, palms, and soles of feet.

Ages affected - Any age group can be affected including children.


Self - diagnosable
Any symptom of dark patches of skin with itchy feeling should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience
Pigmentation - increased discoloration and pigmentation patches
Thickening - skin thickening
Irritation - the feeling of irritation on the patch


Self-Care: Controlling diet, losing weight and a healthier lifestyle should be adopted.

Medications: As per the situation, the doctor may recommend cosmetic surgery, laser therapy or skin lighteners to reduce the patches on the skin.

Specialists: Above symptoms if persisted for a longer time should be consulted with a medical professional for advice. We at mfine are here to provide you with holistic and complete health care program for your requirements.

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