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Post natal bleeding: A complete guide


Post natal bleeding is also known as lochia.

Bleeding generally lasts around for 24 to 36 days. If lochia lasts longer than six weeks, dont worry. Thats normal too.

- Requires medical check-up if the bleeding prolongs for more than six weeks
- Bleeding is heaviest during the first days after delivery
- Requires staying off feet and resting
- Blood must flow less after 10 days

Post natal bleeding or postpartum bleeding is very common and happens to every woman who gives birth. Both normal and cesarean deliveries suffer from postnatal bleeding for up to 3 weeks post pregnancy. Blood appears bright red and also some clots in it for few days. Wearing a hospital pad is necessary in the first few days but after that a regular pad can work. Blood might feel gushing out while standing and because of movement. But that is normal too.
Ages affected- Women in their late 20s or 30s


Bleeding very heavily after pregnancy because of the extra blood tissue in the uterus that helped the baby grow.

People may experience
- Heavy blood flow after delivery
- Prolonged bleeding leads to postpartum haemorrhage
- It affects up to 5% women


Self-care: Hospital pads for first few days are fine. Then come back to normal pads. Using tampons might cause infections.

Medications: Oxytocin, as well as misoprostol, ergometrine, carbetocin or combinations of these recommended by Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth Group.

Specialists: For other kind of post natal bleeding, like postpartum haemorrhage, visiting a doctor is highly recommended. At MFine, we offer online support to give you more knowledge about your medical queries.

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