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Post IM Injection Site Infection: A Concise Overviewq


A swelling, irritation or other reaction of skin on the site where intramuscular injection needle was inserted.

The symptoms vary depending on whether the injection was given under the skin (subcutaneous) , into a vein (intravenous), or into a muscle (intramuscular). [1]

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Self-diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging often required
- Mid-term: resolves in a month

The cause of infection is most often the skin’s reaction to the needle or medicine or an allergy towards the medicine. Normally they cause only minor discomfort, but intramuscular injection infections can lead to abscesses, skin necrosis, or intra-articular infections. Sepsis and multi-organ failure are rare complications.


The symptoms are ordinarily mild, often can be severe too.

People may experience:
Pain: At the injection site
Rash: With redness
Itching: With sensation of warmth
Drainage: At the injection site


Self-care: Apply cold packs to reduce swelling, itching and pain.

Medications: Over-the-counter pain relievers help and other medication as prescribed by the doctor.

Specialists: Prompt surgical intervention is required where complications cause symptoms like high fever, extreme pain, hardness under skin or all-body reaction. At mfine, we strive to provide quality healthcare services, reach us by a touch of your fingertips for any kind of medical emergency.

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