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Pneumonia is a common ailment. This is the direct outcome of bacterial infection in lungs. Thanks to new age medicines, you need not take admission in a hospital to attain pneumonia treatment.

Pneumonia Symptoms

Fever and chills – Fever and chills are most common pneumonia symptoms.

Breathlessness – Lung infection makes it difficult for the patient to breathe properly.

Headache – Fever often brings along headache with it. Some patients also complain of muscle pain.

Chest pain – Infection in the lungs cause chest pain. If you this, along with other symptoms, then see a pneumonia specialist immediately.

Pneumonia Causes

Here are some standard pneumonia causes:

Bacterial infection – A general physician will point out that the main cause of this disease is bacterial infection. The bacteria enter, and get multiplied in your lungs.

Smoking – If you smoke excessively, then chances are high that you will suffer from this ailment.

Exposure to cold – Another cause that paves the way for this lung infection is exposure to cold. Children and elderly require more care during winters.

Diagnosing Pneumonia

A general physician, listed on mfine, will ask for a chest X-ray. He/she will also carry out some physical examinations. CT scan, blood culture, and bronchoscopy will also help to detect the severity of the patient’s condition.

Other Disorders and Pneumonia

This disease is not fatal under normal circumstances. Proper medicines can save your life. If the lung infection becomes chronic, then it may take an ugly turn. Very high fever may send the patient in a shock. High fever may also cause brain damage. You can keep all these at bay with the help of a general physician.

Treating Pneumonia

At mfine, we offer information about the best specialist. They will ensure that you get the best treatment as soon as possible. An antibiotic course will kill the germs from within. Penicillin pills will ensure stability of your condition. Oxygen therapy, rehydration treatment, and IV fluid cure are common approaches, which your general physician may take.

Find Pneumonia Specialists at mfine

If you are new in the city, there is no need to ask neighbors about pneumonia doctors near you. mfine is your best destination to get details about doctors, and reputed clinics. Check out the profiles of these experts, and take your pick today.

With mfine by your side, you can attain information about the best medical professionals.

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