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Considered as one of the most common intestinal problems of the human digestive system, pinworms also known as enterobiasis are white in color and less than half an inch long. They are usually found in the intestine unturned spread easily if left unchecked requiring the services of a General Surgeon.
Pinworm infection Symptoms
Serious symptoms are generally absent in such cases as such an infection may not have any prolonged effect. However, there are a few pinworm infection symptoms that can be used to determine such an affliction such as:

Frequent itching of the anal area
Restless sleep due to anal itching and discomfort
Pain, rash, or other skin irritation around the anus
The presence of pinworms in the opening of the anus
Pinworms in stools

Causes of Pinworm infection
The main reason behind the pinworm infection cause mainly due to Enterobiusvermicularis which represents its life cycle process that takes place in our gastronomical system. The life of a pinworm begins with the egg being ingested and hatching in the small intestine. After attaining proper growth, the adult pinworm then travels through the rectum out of the body and lay eggs in the folds of skin near the anus which spreads through direct contact.
Urinary Tract Infection & Pinworm infection
Infestation of pinworm may also lead to urinary tract infection in women. This happens when the pinworm spreads from the rectum into the vagina and may require immediate treatment by the General Surgeon in most cases.
Diagnosing Pinworm infection
Any pinworm infection specialists can easily diagnose such infestations by testing samples of the stool and taking samples near the anus region and examining it for traces of pinworm eggs. Based on the results of such tests, he/she recommends medications accordingly.
Pinworm Infection Treatment
Once diagnosed, it is an easy task to provide medication for a proper pinworm infection treatment. Due to its spontaneous nature, generally, the treatment of one person in the household will mean the treatment of all. A pinworm infestation can be treated easily by pinworm infection doctors near you via oral medications like mebendazole, albendazole, pyrantelpamoate, etc.

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