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Lesions in the Mouth? Read About Oral Aphthous Ulcers


Small ulcers or lesions inside the mouth.

Females are more affected than males, and 20% of the population gets these ulcers. (1)

- Treatable with medications
- Self-diagnosable
- Laboratory tests are required in cases of recurrent ulcers
- Acute: Improves in one or two weeks

These are typically recurrent ulcers, round, or oval shaped, on the inside of lips, cheeks, or underneath the tongue. Usually, females also get ulcers around genitals; they are painful and get swollen. Nutritional deficiency, viral infections, physical injury, sleeplessness and emotional stress, and even menstruation can affect mucosal tissues to cause these ulcers generally.

Ages affected: 10-40 most often; 40 and above-moderately affected; and under 10- least affected



People may experience
Ulcers: That are shallow, usually minor but can be major or herpetiform.
Affected areas: Inside of cheeks and lips, under the tongue, base of gums, or around genitals.
Color: Normally, white or yellowish with a red border
Pain and swelling: In genital ulcers
Difficulties: In eating or drinking


Self-care: Use small-headed, soft toothbrush, avoid hard and sharp foods, and any trauma to the ulcers. Take proper nutrition if deficiency is the cause. Antibacterial mouthwashes or medical toothpastes, with consultation can also help.

Medications: Topical corticosteroids are mainly given to patients, while nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also shorten healing time and provide pain relief. When these do not help, systemic immunomodulators are required.

Specialists: Several blood tests are done to evaluate the cause of recurring or severe ulcers. The specialists may resort to low-level laser therapy for effective relief. At mfine, we aim to provide instant and expert medical services, engage with us to experience our care.

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