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Children or adult: Bed-wetting.


Nocturnal enuresis can happen to anyone; it is bed wetting unintentionally.

- As compared to girls, boys are likely more affected.
- A stressful event can also lead to nocturnal enuresis.
- This is not contagious. So this problem won’t spread if you come in contact.

Nocturnal enuresis also is known as bed wetting is unintended urination by a child of Age 7 or more during the night. It is common for a child of below Age 5-6 to pee in bed at night, but the problem arouses when he or she starts doing so after a certain age. It is basically dysfunctional of the bladder which results in the same.
Another reason could be less antidiuretic hormone which leads to hormonal imbalance. Stress, anxiety, night terrors and change in lifestyle can also lead to bed wetting.
In adults, it could be because of neurological disorders like seizures, Parkinson's disease, etc. Other cause can be diabetes.

Ages affected:

The chances of an adult to experience are rare.
Most likely – The children of above age 7.
Likely – Children of or above age 12.
Less likely – Adults are rarely affected.


The symptoms sometimes go unnoticed. Bed wetting could be harmful if the symptoms are:
1. The age factor- if it is at age 7 or more.
2. Constipation.
3. Cloudy or pinkish urination.
4. Burning on urination.


- By monitoring liquid, intake can prove helpful.
- Use bed-wetting alarms

- Some antibiotics and anticholinergic drugs can help in relieving the same.

Specialists: mfine will help in curing nocturnal enuresis and will provide you with the best treatment.

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