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Neuropathy in legs: All we need to know


When nerves from brain and spinal cord connecting to the legs malfunction due to being damaged or destroyed which leads to pain, numbness and weakness.

Around 60% of people suffering from diabetes and 30% suffering from HIV experience neuropathy. [1]

Not self-treatable
Usually self-diagnosable
Lab tests or imaging are required
Long- term: persists for months to years

Caused by: Alcoholism, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, exposure to poisons, medication for cancer; chemotherapy, inherited disorders, tumors and bone marrow disorders, trauma or pressure on the nerve.

It can affect any age group. Most of the patients are usually above 55 years of age. It can lead to complications such as burns and skin trauma, infection and injuries and falling due to lack of balance.


Self diagnosable:
Spreading of numbness or tingling beginning from feet and legs to other parts of the body
Lack of balance and coordination with heaviness in legs
Drop in blood pressure, sensitivity to touch and buzzing or shocking sensation
Constipation and difficulty in digestion
People may experience: Weakness in muscles and paralysis may occur
Also common: Throbbing, freezing or burning pain

Diagnosis and Treatment

A detailed record of medical history is collected by the doctor.
Blood tests to measure vitamin and sugar levels
CT Scan or MRI to check if something is pressing on the nerve
Nerve biopsy: Taking a small amount of nerve tissue and examining under a microscope.
Electromyography or Nerve Conduction Tests might be done by the doctors to test the functioning of nerves in the body


Self care: Avoiding alcohol and exposure to poisonous substances. Ensure a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean protein. Also, exercising regularly helps to keep proper functioning of nerves.
Medicines: Take medicines and drugs as prescribed by the doctor. TENS treatment may also be prescribed by the doctor. Taking ergonomic casts or splints may also prove to be helpful.
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