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Everything you need to know about Myofascial Pain


Certain trigger points embedded into the muscles of the face that causes immense pain and discomfort.

The condition usually occurs in people from 30–60 years of age.(1)

- Medical assistance is required.
- Laboratory tests and imaging are to be conducted.
- Can be both acute and chronic.
- Affects both men and women at a later stage in life.

Myofascial pain is the sudden onset of pain in the facial region of the body. This pain subsequently hidden triggers that can be set off because of any strong force. The major causes are unknown, but then fatal injuries, potential anxiety, and stress have resulted in their occurrence.


Chronic pain: Adverse painful conditions near that affected region.
Swelling: The region where you feel pain tends to swell up.
Knots in muscles: The muscle fibers become tender and knot up causing irritability and distress while sleeping.


Self-care: Yoga is your best friend. So try as much of it as possible.

Medications: Sedatives and pain relievers are a must to fight off the condition.

Specialist: Consult physiotherapist to get the right kind of treatment. At mfine, we specialize in offering you the best in terms of treatment to get rid of the condition as fast as possible.

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