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Multivitamin deficiency: Things you must know


A Multivitamin deficiency can lead to the occurrence of a disease known as an avitaminosis or hypovitaminosis. It indicates a long-term deficiency in the body of a particular or group of vitamins.

Common Vitamin deficiencies found are Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. [1]

A well-balanced and healthy diet can help in checking the deficiency of vitamin and mineral in the body. A poor health condition or any chronic disease can also be the reason for lack of multivitamin in the body.


Few symptoms include broken hair and brittle nails, dandruff and scaly patches, fatigue and severe hair fall

People may experience
- Red bumps on the skin
- Willis-Ekbom disease
- Muscle and Joint pain
- Anemic
- Ulcer in mouth
- Bleeding gums
- Vision problem


Self Care:
- Maintain the right balance of Vitamin A, B, C, D and K by working on and maintain a good diet plan.
- Regular exercise and avoiding junk foods are advisable.
- Annual body checkups help to stay updated about your health and deficiencies of Vitamins if any.

Medications: Different vitamin deficiencies need to be treated in different ways. If the body has a deficiency of any particular vitamin, then specific supplements are recommended by the doctor. When there is multivitamin deficiency then taking a pill of multivitamin supplement available over the counter can help in maintaining the balance.

Specialist Treatments: Treatment for avitaminosis primarily depends on the diagnosis of the actual set of vitamins which the body lacks. Some common treatments or advice given by doctors includes a prescribed nutritious diet including vitamins which are low in the body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also advised. Injections or shots may be recommended by the doctor based on the type of vitamin which is at a low level. Consult our doctors at mfine for the best health treatment plan.

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