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Mucocele and its Symptoms?


Noncancerous cysts filled with fluids or saliva commonly occurring on the lower part of the lip

About 2.5 lesions per 1000 U.S. population, 0.11% in Sweden, and 0.08% cases in Brazil recorded

- Occur as cyst or lump in the body
- Commonly seen in the oral cavity, in the lip
- Due to salivary gland duct rupture
- Common in both sexes, ranging from normal to deep blue color

This is a medical condition that can be clinically treated. It is noncancerous and contains mucus and saliva. The size of the mucocele varies from person to person. Mostly painless in nature. In extreme cases, removal of the salivary gland is required, depending on the patient’s condition.
Ages affected 15-24 years highly prevalent among both sexes


Lump or cyst caused due to excretory gland duct. Appears like a soft swelling; if observed, consult a physician.
People may experience
lumps soft painless lump, mostly near mouth and lip areas
swelling fluid- or saliva-filled swelling
Problem with chewing or speech experienced in rare cases, if lumps are larger in size


Self-care: Avoid the habit of sucking lips or biting them when cysts are present. You can apply evening primrose oil to treat superficial mucocele.

Medications: Depending on the situation, a doctor may elect surgery/biopsy. May use laser technology to remove the salivary gland in rare cases.

Specialists: Consult a physician or healthcare provider in case of any of the above symptoms. At mfine, we help you in case of different health issues, with our comprehensive health program.

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