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MPDs: Symptoms And Treatment


Certain pressure points in the muscles that cause immense pain when touch or upon impact.

The normal recovery period for MPDs lasts from more than 4-5 years. [1]

- Medical assistance is required.
- Lab tests need to be conducted.
- Can occur to both men and women of all ages.
- Is both acute and chronic.

MPDs are constant in one part of the body. This point is a pressure sensitive point that triggers pain sensitivity to be felt. They are on a permanent basis and cannot be treated easily. Usually, the causes of MPDs might be muscle injury or stress and impact. However, the ideal causes are unknown.


- Pain - There is an immense pain in one particular part of the body.
- Knots - There are muscle fibers that are tied up into a knot remitting pain.
- No sleep - Due to the pain, there is dysfunction in sleep and also while carrying out daily activities.


- Self-care - Try to get regular massages in the affected region and also try to exercises as much as possible.

- Medication - Intake of pain relievers and antidepressants should do the trick in relieving some pain.

- Specialist - Consult a physiotherapist to succumb to the pain that you might be experiencing. At mfine, we help you in fighting off the condition and also provide you with the best care and treatment to set you back with a normal life.

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