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Rare Condition of Motor Neuron Condition: Symptoms and Treatments


A rare condition which causes nerves in spines and brain to lose control and function slowly. A form of progressive neurodegeneration.

Risk of 1 in 300 affecting by this condition. It affects up to 5000 adults in the UK. [1]

- A chronic condition, may not be cured
- May suffer for the entire life
- Lab tests and medical examinations are required
- Maybe hereditary
- Men are more likely to develop the condition
- Life expectancy from three to ten years

A rare condition of disorder in motor neurons which functions sending signals to muscles. This causes muscles not to function properly. The muscles in body weaken progressively and gradually. This may also affect the ability to breathe. Supportive treatment is generally given in this scenario.

Ages affected - Mostly develops in those who are aged above 40.


Prolonged symptoms of muscle weakness, cramps, joint pains and gradually passing into speech problems should be reported to the doctor immediately.

People may experience:

Weakness - muscle weakness and cramps, spasms
Pain - muscle and joint pain, discomfort
Coughing - weakened coughing
Speech problems - communication problems affecting the way one speaks or shows expression
Fatigue - breathing problems and fatigue


Self-care: No cure is there for this condition. The symptoms increase over a period of time and affect movement.

Medications: Lab examinations and medical tests are done to understand the condition. A muscle biopsy may be done. The treatment mostly focuses to give comfort and pain relief to the patient and may include speech, rehabilitation therapy.

Specialists: In case of above-mentioned symptoms, a healthcare professional should be consulted immediately. At mfine, we are here to provide you with total health package and treatment program.

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