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What is Metabolic Syndrome?


Increased blood pressure, fasting glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood sugar, and too much fat around the waist, altogether creating high risk for a heart disease.

Metabolic syndrome affects about 23% of adult population. #1

- Cannot be completely cured
- Medically-diagnosed
- Lab tests and imaging are done
- Chronic: lasts for years or for life

Metabolic syndrome increases the risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and fatty-buildup in artery walls. If a patient is affected with any one or two of the said conditions will not be said to be affected by metabolic syndrome, though the condition in itself might potentially increase risks of a disease. Physical inactivity, obesity, genetics and ageing are risk factors.

Ages affected- Most affected - 60+ years; Largely affected -20 - 60 years; Moderately affected - 14- 20 years; Least affected- 6 - 13 years



The symptoms dont present suddenly and develop over time.

People may have
Waist size: Large
Thirst: Increased
Urination: Increases
Blood sugar: High
Vision: Blurred


Self-care: Have diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and fish; reduce body weight and increase physical activity. Monitor and control your blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Medications: Beta-blockers and thiazides, biguanides, thiazolidinediones and alpha-glucosidase inhibitors may be prescribed by doctors to reduce risks.

Specialists: For people with high sensitivity, statin therapy may be resorted to or bariatric surgery when weight loss and diet-management doesnt work. Cardiology is one of our specializations at mfine, where we intend to provide you the best medical services; come on board and receive instant help easily.

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