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Malnutrition: Symptoms And Treatment


The abundance of nutrition that is required by the body to carry out its basic functions.

About 12.6% of the world population is malnourished in one way or the other. [1]

- Medical assistance is required.
- Lab tests need to be conducted.
- Can happen to both men and women of all ages.
- Is both chronic and acute.

Malnutrition is defined as the state at which the body isn’t getting the basic nutrients to carry out its bodily functions. This condition leads to deformations in the body such as stunted growth, heart conditions, and so on. Malnutrition affects millions of people across the world and typically occurs depending upon the affected person’s lifestyle, resources, and environment.


- Weakness - There is acute weight loss along with the loss of fat muscles.
- Dryness in the skin - Skin loses its basic properties and becomes relatively dry. Healing of wounds takes a lot of tie than usual.
- Depression - The onset of depression and anxiety attacks is evident. Difficulty in concentrating and irritability are also observed.


- Self-care - Have a properly balanced diet. Also, you can depend on government agencies to help you out in your meals.

- Medication - Intake of vitamin and mineral injections along with other essential supplements is necessary.

- Specialist - Consult a doctor to rectify the condition and get the right type of treatment. At mfine, we adhere to the condition and try out best in giving you a normal life from any defect.

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