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Lymphedema- Not Elsewhere Classified: Taking Care Of Affected Arm And Leg


Lymphedema- Not Elsewhere Classified has the ICD-10-CM Diagnosis code as 189.0.
It refers to a chronic condition where swelling occurs in one or both the arms/legs. Lymphedema can occur due to genetics (primary) or other causes like injury or surgery (secondary).

Lymphedema usually affects older people, or people with obesity or those who are suffering from rheumatoid. [1]

Lymphedema happens as building up of lymph occurs in the tissues of the patient’s body. The possible causes of Lymphedema are cancer, injuries, surgery, infection or genetics.
Lymphedema can cause severe complications like Cellulitis, Lymphangitis and Lymphangiosarcoma.


Lymphedema can be caused by many factors. Common symptoms of Lymphedema can be:
- Swelling in some or all parts of arms or legs
- Pain
- Discomfort
- Fibrosis
- Recurring infections
- Feeling of heaviness
Diagnosis is done by performing Lymphoscintigraphy which helps analyse the lymphatic system.
Other common diagnostic tests are MRI, Ultrasound, and CT scan.


Lymphedema can be treated by the self-care and lifestyle changes and medications as recommended by doctor.
- Rest the affected arm or leg as it recovers.
- Keep the affected part in an elevated position.
- Avoid tight fitting clothes.
- Using compression garments.
- Easy exercises.
- Massage to enable fluid movement.

Other treatment options are:
- Surgery
- Liposuction

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