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Borrelia burgdorferi is the name of the bacteria that is the main cause of this disease. The deer tick with black legs carry this bacterium. Though the sickness is common, you can attain easy lyme disease treatment.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Rashes and inflammation – Redness, rashes, and inflammation on the skin are common lyme disease symptoms.

Fever – When these ticks lay eggs under the skin, human hosts will develop persistent fever.

Dizziness – Dizziness is common among patients with this ailment.

Joint ache – These ticks cause a lot of pain in the joints. Thus, people with arthritis must see a general physician immediately.

Muscle tone loss – People who suffer from this disease often complain of muscle tone loss. Muscles lose their tightness.

Lyme disease Causes

These are the three main lyme disease causes:

Tick bite – The main cause of this disease is the tick bites.

Bacterial infection – Tick bites transfer the bacteria in the blood stream. This will trigger the infection.

Closeness to animals – Pet animals have these ticks. Nearness to these animals is another cause of this ailment.

Diagnosing Lyme Disease

All doctors, listed on mfine will be able to detect this disease. A quick look at the physical symptoms is enough. They may suggest blood culture for a conclusive detection.

Other Disorders and Lyme Disease

Though it is not fatal, you must prevent this tick at any cost. A general physician knows that the tick bite will worsen your arthritis pain. It can also get into your ear, and cause infections. If you don’t take medication, it will also cause severe skin infections.

Treating Lyme Disease

If you contact proficient doctors on mfine, then you will be able to get the upper hand on the disease. A reputed general physician knows that non-steroidal anti-Inflammatory pills will help to cure the ailment. Apart from this, a lyme disease specialist will also prescribe antibiotics. If you require additional medical assistance, they will arrange for hospitalization. If you have pets, then give them baths regularly.

Find Lyme Disease Specialists at mfine

There is no dearth of medical professionals in the city. If you want the services of the best lyme disease doctors near you, then mfine is the correct portal. This portal allows you to compare the experience of all doctors. You may book an online appointment with a general physician, only if you are satisfied with his/her qualification.

You must book an appointment with the doctors on mfine to attain speedy recovery.

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