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Loss of Appetite: All You Need to Know


A decreased desire to eat results in loss of appetite, which may result in weight loss as well as nutritional deficiency in the body.

A decreased appetite may indicate an underlying physiological issue. Loss of appetite can be a life-threatening if not addressed early.
- Loss of appetite may cause weight loss.
- It may result in body image issues
- Diminished enthusiasm or lack of energy to do things

Ages affected: Loss of appetite can happen to any individual irrespective of age


Self-diagnosable: Feeling nauseated upon seeing food, an absence of hunger, and loss of interest in food are some of the symptoms.

People may experience:

Weight loss - Reduced intake of food leads to weight loss
Lack of taste - Food seems to be tasteless
Fatigue - Feeling tired most of the times
Sensitivity to the smell of food - Known as hyperosmia and results in feeling nauseated
Constipation - As the intake of food is reduced, it results in problems to pass stools


Self-Care: Eat the food of your choice and indulge yourself in nutritious food from time to time.

Medications: Appetite stimulant medications can be taken under a doctors prescription.

Specialists: A psychotherapist can help you analyze the underlying problem and provide proper medical help and regime to overcome the same. At mfine, were here to help you and provide you with a holistic treatment program as per your needs.

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