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Bedbug Bite Reactions: Should You Worry?


Itchy and reddish marks which appear due to bite reactions by bedbugs.

Research has shown that 30% to 60% of bedbug bite cases show no allergic reactions (1)

-Bite marks take 10 to 14 days to appear
-Causes allergic reactions and symptoms
-Does not require professional treatment

Bedbug bites are itchy marks that take days to appear or feel before you realize it. This is because bedbugs release an anticoagulant or anesthetic prior to biting which causes you to feel no pain after you've been bitten. Scratching these bite marks are known to lead to bleeding and other secondary infections which may require medical treatment.


Bite marks appear usually on the areas of the face, skin, arms, and legs, and any other area that's exposed when you're asleep.
Bites - Appear in a line or in clusters
Burning sensation on skin
Allergic reactions like asthma and inflammation
Hives or blisters at the affected areas
Itchy bite marks that are reddish or swollen


Self-care: You can use an ice pack to reduce itching and swelling. Antiseptic creams and lotions are recommended for those who develop secondary infection. Usually these bites go away on their own in a few weeks and are no reason to be alarmed.

Medications: Antihistamine and doctor-prescribed bedbug bite allergy medications may be applied to the affected sites. In order to prevent bleeding, anti-itch creams can prove to be useful.

Specialists: Sometimes bed bugs may hide under your skin without feeding or biting. Seeking medical help will help to prevent bite marks in the future. Consult our medical professionals at mfine and get in touch with us for more info.

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