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Influenza is commonly known as ‘flu’ is basically caused by of three types of viruses; Type A, Type C and Type B. The virus spreads in the air by sneezing or coughing. The virus can spread from one individual to another by touching a surface contaminated with the virus and touching eyes or mouth later. The spreading of the virus can be prevented by hand washing or wearing a surgical mask. Influenza if not treated properly can lead to complications such as viral pneumonia, sinus infections, heart failure, asthma, bacterial pneumonia etc. Elderly people with compromised ‘immune system’, pregnant women and children are at a high risk for contracting influenza.

Influenza Symptoms

Influenza can cause symptoms that range from mild to very severe such as follows:

  • High fever
  • A sore throat
  • A Runny Nose
  • A Headache
  • Coughing
  • Muscle pain
  • Infection Causes

Influenza Causes

Influenza is caused by the Influenza virus. The Influenza virus A, Influenza Virus C and Influenza Virus B are responsible for the Influenza diseases in humans and belongs to the orthomyxoviruses, which is a family of the ‘RNA viruses’.

Rey’s Syndrome and Influenza

Teenagers and children suffering from influenza (especially influenza of Type B) should not take aspirin as that can lead to the development of Reye’s syndrome.  It is a rare syndrome that affects children and teenagers recovering from a viral infection such as flu. The first symptoms of the disease in children below 2 years are rapid breathing and diarrhea and older children suffer from lethargy and persistent vomiting.

Diagnosis of Influenza

You would find experienced Influenza specialist at mfine who advise patients to do the ‘Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests (RIDTs), which work by detecting the antigens that evoke an immune response. The other diagnostic tests recommended by the general physician are the ‘rapid molecular assays’ for detecting the ‘genetic material’ of a virus.

Understanding Influenza

Influenza is caused by the Influenza virus but there are other viruses that are responsible for respiratory problems similar to ‘flu’. Only laboratory tests can confirm the presence of Influenza caused by Influenza A, influenza C, and influenza B.

Influenza Treatment

You can get in touch with eminent general physicians at mfine. They would suggest patients suffering from Influenza to take enough liquids, rest and avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. They would advise patients to get in touch with others for preventing spreading infection. The best treatment for influenza is by antiviral drugs given within 48 hours of the appearance of the first symptoms. Antibiotics are given to treat secondary infections.

You can contact experienced Influenza doctors near me with the help of mfine.

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