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Vitamin D deficiency explained with symptoms and treatment


A condition where there is a deficiency of vitamin D.

Hypovitaminosis D or Vitamin D deficiency can affect both the sexes. As much as 1 billion people worldwide are reported to have this disease. [1]

- Cannot be self-diagnosed
- Not contagious
- A blood test is necessary for diagnosis
- Treatment options are available

Hypovitaminosis D is the insufficiency of Vitamin D in a person’s body that leads to other conditions. This condition can occur owing to a number of diseases. Not exposure to enough sunlight is one of the most known causes.


Self-diagnosable – the actual deficiency needs a blood test but some symptoms may be indicative to the cause.
Frequently becoming ill with cold and flu can be indicative
Osteoporosis and thinning of bones resulting in fractures
Weakness in the muscles
Exhaustion after enough sleep


Self-care: exposure to sunlight after consulting with a doctor, as sun exposure can be sometimes more dangerous than vitamin D deficiency.

Medicines: Vitamin D for people between 1-70 years of age, to be consumed on a doctor’s advice
Doctor may prescribe multi-vitamin too.
Consuming foods rich in Vitamin D like eggs and mushrooms

Specialists: A general physician can identify conditions like Vitamin D deficiency via tests and even experience. mfine will be the correct choice for holistic solutions to all discomforts.

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