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Herpes infection with Erythema multiforme: All that you need to know about it


Herpes associated erythema multiforme is an acute disease caused by the Herpes simplex virus and affects the skin, mucosal areas and lymph nodes.

5 out of 10 kids with erythema multiforme are unaware of its presence in their body and most don’t know that it is curable.[1]

  • very much curable with proper treatment
  • causes small ulcers around the mouth area
  • enlargement or swelling of lymph nodes in children
  • can happen in children as well as adults
  • this is mostly an acute disease
  • curable by taking barbiturates and antibacterial medications as prescribed by a physician

Erythema multiforme is an acute dermatological and mucosal disease that occurs in children mainly and sometimes manifests in adults as well. The herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing this disorder primarily; the virus affects the mucosal membranes, lymph nodules and skin and causes crusty ulcers and rashes in certain areas of the body like the mouth, gums, hands, etc.

Ages affected- mainly children above 5 years. Adults-in the age group of 20-40.


1. Painful ulcers in the gums, mouth and on lips.
2. Rashes (red in colour) on the body with discharges when ruptured.
3. Affects the genital area, eyes and digestive system as well.

People experience-

  • Rashes- on the feet, hands, elbows, neck, and face.
  • Pain- is experienced in the joints and affected areas that have ulcers.
  • Fever- low fever is experienced in most cases.
  • Skin issues- red rashes cover the feet and hands entirely and sometimes appears on the neck as well.
  • Ulcers- ulcers appear on the mouth and remain covered by a whitish membrane; these often create a crusty layer that can lead to internal bleeding.


Self-care: Start using medicated and soothing mouthwashes when the diseases manifests initially. Rinse the mouth with warm water every day to prevent the growth of ulcers and reduce the pain.

Medications: Antibiotics and barbiturates are generally prescribed.

Specialists: Visit a general physician for urgent cases.
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