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Hematoma of tongue: Necessary Information on Lingual Hematoma


Hematoma of tongue, also known as Lingual Hematoma, refers to the bleeding and enlargement of the tongue (lingual arteries). Lingual Hematoma occurs mostly from trauma and is usually fatal, especially with the risk of upper airway obstruction.

Hematoma of tongue is rare and usually affects adults with certain medical conditions or any injury to tongue/mouth. [1]

● Treatment options for Hematoma of tongue depend on the size, location (lingual or sublingual), causes, and the severity.
● It can occur at any age and is not gender-specific.

Common causes for Hematoma of the tongue are trauma to lingual arteries, elevated prothrombin time, vascular anomaly, hypertension, infection, and anticoagulation therapy.


Symptoms of Hematoma of tongue depends on the severity of the condition, whether mild or severe. Common symptoms include:
● Severe pain, bleeding, and swelling in the tongue
● Inflammation of tongue
● Difficulty in swallowing
● Difficulty in breathing

Severe cases like worsening of symptoms of Lingual Hematoma and upper airway obstruction must be reported to the doctor immediately. Diagnosis for Hematoma of tongue is done by physical examination and a thorough medical history, including MRI and CT scan.


● Rest: Taking enough rest and not overexerting oneself are significant.
● Applying ice or cold packs can be useful in this case.
● Compression using elastic bandages is a good option to take care of oneself.

Some treatment options for Hematoma of tongue, including consideration of upper airway obstruction, as recommended by doctors are:
● Corticosteroids
● Antibiotics
● Orotracheal intubation
● Hemostasis
● Etiologic assessment
● Invasive Airway control

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