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Suffering from Bad breath: What you need to know about Halitosis?


Persistence of unpleasant breath odour for extended intervals of time.

1 in 4 people are affected by Halitosis globally. [1]

➢ Requires medical assistance if the condition prolongs
➢ Deep dental cleaning is required
➢ Testing and Detectors are required for clinical diagnosis
➢ It is a chronic condition
➢ Can occur in both men and women

There are different factors that cause Halitosis but the major factor is poor oral hygiene. If any food trapped in your mouth is not removed during brushing, it will start breaking down due to bacteria in the mouth that gives rise to unpleasant breath odour. It is also caused due to smoking.

Ages affected:
Between 2 to 14 - Often
Ages 15 and above - Most often


Symptoms include bad breath, dry mouth, build up around teeth and formation of a white coating on the tongue.

People may experience
- Bad taste in the mouth
- Burning of tongue
- Excessive secretion of mucus and Post nasal drip
- Low self-esteem and anxiety in extreme conditions


Self-care: Proper brushing of teeth, drink plenty of water, avoid smoking, tobacco products and garlic and washing the mouth with baking soda.

Medications: Dental hygiene products as per the advice of your doctor.

Specialist: If the condition still persists even after making changes to your lifestyle and habits, book an appointment with mfine. Our specialized dentists and advanced treatments will help you get rid of bad breath.

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