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Guillain-Barré Syndrome: The Aftermaths of Guillain-Barré Syndrome


The condition in which the immune system attacks the nervous system of the body.

There are about 3000-6000 people affected by Guillain-Barré syndrome in the United States every year. (1)

- Medical assistance is strongly advised.
- Laboratory tests need to be carried out.
- Can be chronic and acute.
- Affect men and women of all ages.

The condition in which the body’s immune system affects the nervous system of the body is really dangerous. The sensation of tingling and weakness can be felt rapidly. As the nerves tend to lose their functionality, your body can be paralyzed. However, major causes for its occurrence is unknown. Reports have shown that zika virus is mainly responsible for Guillain-Barré syndrome.


Tingling sensation – There is prickling or pinching sensation around the tips of toes, ankles, and wrists.
Weakness – There is weakness felt in the upper portion of your body and difficulty in chewing or expressing any kind of facial expressions.
Rapid heartbeat rate – With the nerves losing functionality, there is increased blood pressure rate and difficulty in breathing.


Self-care – Exercise and maintaining a balanced diet is a must. Consult a doctor about the type of exercise that you might have to carry out.
Medication – Under medical supervision, you might have to under plasmapheresis and other medical examination for the treatment of Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Specialist – Rush to a doctor, if you have any of the above-given symptoms. At mfine, we provide complete care and treatment options for the eradication of the condition.

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