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Furuncle: What You Should Know


Pus-filled bump on the skin caused due to bacterial infection

Three out of 100 people who visit a physician with a skin infection are diagnosed with furuncles [1]
- A form of a big yellow pimple
- Infection around the hair follicle
- Bacteria infecting hair follicle, causing furuncles
- Commonly known as boils
Starts as a red bump and may turn yellow gradually. Maybe tender at first and filled with pus; It burst as it grows. People with a weaker immune system may get easily affected with furuncles. Commonly caused around the face and neck.
Ages affected – most common in adults, no particular age group vulnerable.


Any reddish or yellowish lump filled with pus is an important symptom. Similar to a pimple and may gradually turn hard and painful. Size may range from a pimple or pea to that of a golf ball; varies from person to person. If any of the symptoms occur, consult a physician.
People may experience
Bumps – small to larger ones, mostly around the face and neck, also near armpits, back, or bottom.
Weakness – may cause tiredness and weakness sometimes
Mild fever – a few may experience mild fever


Self-care: Placing a warm compress for 10 minutes few times daily. Avoid squeezing out the pus or touching it with dirty hands.

Medications: Antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor if symptoms persist and the infection is accompanied with fever. Lancing may also be performed by doctors, depending on the case.

Specialists: Consult a physician in case of a persistent problem. At mfine, we treat your health problems with your holistic treatment program.

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