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Everything You Need To Know About A Hand Furuncle


A pus-filled boil under the skin, caused by infected, inflamed hair follicles.

Ten percent of patients with a boil or abscess develop a repeat boil or abscess within 12 months [1].

- Usually self-treatable
- Usually self-diagnosable
- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
- Short-term: resolves within days to weeks

A furuncle is a skin abscess or a boil that is caused by an infectious germ called staphylococcal bacteria. They are uncomfortable and painful, especially when closely attached to underlying structures, like fingers. People with health issues like diabetes, poor hygiene, poor nutrition, and obesity-related disorders are prone to furuncles. More importantly, it occurs in parts prone to sweat and hair.

Ages affected: between 14-60: most often, between 0-14: often


Symptoms include the formation of boils as red, tender lumps, which then fill up with pus, grow, then rupture and drain.

People may experience:
Pain areas: skin around the boils
Skin: pimples or redness
Also common: tenderness and warm skin


Self-care: Applying warm cloth for short intervals several times a day can help release the pus easily. Using antibacterial soap and maintaining hand sanitation can help avoid the further formation of boils.

Medication: a course of antibiotics may be prescribed in case the infection is severe. A topical ointment may be used as well after the boil has been drained.

Specialists: for further medical attention, consult a dermatologist. At mfine, we have a dedicated range of specialists to help you find the right healthcare programs.

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