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Everything you need to know about fungal infection.


Infections that are caused mainly due to stagnation of harmful bacteria on the skin.

Globally, there are about 300 million people affected by some type of fungal infection every year. [1]

• Lab tests are required.
• Medical assistance is necessary.
• Can affect men and women of all ages.
• Can be acute and chronic.

Fungal infections are of many types. They are caused mainly by bacteria that tend to remain in your body for a long time. Slowly they tend to eat away the skin and cause a type of infection. Needless to say that the causes would be personal hygiene or how well you keep yourself fit and fine.


• Pain – there is a slight sensation of pain in the affected region of the body.
• Discoloration – due to the spread of infection, the color of the skin changes to reddish yellow. Also, you can see cracking or peeling away from the skin.
• Scratching – the itching sensation is unbearable and requires frequent scratching in the affected region.


• Self-care – maintain healthy hygiene and keep yourself clean to keep the fungal infection away.
• Medication – apply ointments and lotions to eliminate the condition.
• Specialist – rush to a doctor in case you have any type of skin problems. At mfine, we treat all our patients with the best possible care and help people recover very easily from the condition they suffer.

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