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Food Intolerance: Diet And Preventive Measures


Food Intolerance is a condition where a person suffers from digestion problems due to certain substances present in food items.

Studies show that around 45% of the population experience food intolerance, revealing how our bodies are not capable of digesting certain foods. [1]

● The causes of Food Intolerance can range from absence or deficiency of certain enzymes and the presence of additives, chemicals, histamines, and toxins in food items.
● Suspect food items include gluten, dairy products, caffeine products, cured food, seafood, artificial food coloring and sweeteners, flavor enhancers and so on.
● It usually takes a few hours to a day or two for the symptoms of Food Intolerance to the surface.
● The person experiencing this condition should immediately consult a doctor if symptoms worsen or persist.

It is also known as non- immunoglobulin E (non-IgE) - mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity.


Symptoms of Food Intolerance are similar to that of food allergy and usually take a longer time (as long as two days) to surface. Common symptoms include:

● Stomach ache
● Intestinal gas
● Bloating
● Nausea and vomiting
● Coughing
● Headaches
● Cramps
● Irritable Bowel

Diagnostic tests for Food Intolerance include:
● Skin Prick Test
● Blood Test


● Adopting a diet where food items suspected to cause food intolerance are avoided
● The inclusion of certain supplements in one’s diet.
● Avoiding food that contains gluten, dairy products, and allergens.
Besides this, you will have to consult a doctor at regular intervals.


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