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A fistula is an atypical connection between an organ and any other structure. Fistulas occur when an organ gets infected or injured. They are a very frequent complication of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), occurring more regularly in Crohn’s disease. Such complications are not entirely uncommon and can be treated easily require the expertise of a general surgeon.
Fistula Symptoms
The varying types of markers, which can help doctors to single out fistula symptoms that one may develop, are as follows:

Rectal pain
Urinary tract infection on a regular basis
Pain in the affected area
Painful bowel movements

Causes of Fistula
A fistula is an anomaly in the excretory organs. It generally forms in the area surrounding the rectum, a few of the fistula cause are:

Blockage of glands
Bacteria build up
Swollen pocket
Infected tissue
Formation of the abscess

Fistula & Rectal Infection
Though treated as separate issues, a potential rectal infection can occur due to a fistula. During the first stages of fistula, several glands located in the anus gets clogged causing a buildup of bacteria and infected tissues. Such a condition cannot only result in an infection in the anus but also can allow it to spread uncontrollably which may require the services of a general surgeon.
Diagnosing Fistula
A fistula specialist can easily detect such problems through a record of medical history. If the medical history holds no such information, then the doctor follows up with a target specific physical examination to detect the problem. Once identified, remedies are easy to procure by a general surgeon who performs the treatment on the patient safely.
Fistula Treatment
Since a fistula treatment has no available medication other than surgery, therefore the expertise of a general surgeon in such a case becomes quite essential.

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