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All You Need To Know About Fasciculation.


Fasciculation is the involuntary twitching of muscle due to slight contractions of the muscle in a certain area or a group of muscles that are connected by the same motor unit (nerve fibers).

It occurs in almost 70% of the general population who are healthy.

Muscle twitches are very common. It is caused due to lack of sleep, the side effect of using certain drugs, exercise, nutrient deficiency, stress, and anxiety. Any serious kind of neuromuscular disorder is almost never or very rarely associated with Fasciculation.

- Can be self-diagnosed.
- In most cases, treatment is not required. However, if necessary, several options are available.
- In most cases, it resolves by itself.


- The affected area experiences loss of sensation for some time.
- The stiffness of muscle.
- General body fatigue.
- Sudden contraction of muscles.
- Anxiety, stress, breathing trouble, and headache.


Since the condition is symptomatic, no specific treatment is available.

Treatment of underlying causes such as stress and anxiety through yoga or eating healthy foods that are rich in nutrients.

In case of a persisting condition, doctors may recommend medicines to relax the nerves or muscles. Scans (MRI and CT scan) and tests (blood, nerve, Electromyogram) may also be required.

For other concerns, consult a Neurologist. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum health.

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