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All That You Need to Know About Erythrasma


A condition caused by bacterial infection in and around folds of the skin

Around 4% of the population around the world suffers from erythrasma. It is found more commonly in tropical and subtropical areas.

- Severe infection may require antibiotics
- Generally, ointments are prescribed for treatment
- More prevalent among men than women
- Poor hygiene, warm climate, and sweating may be underlying causes

Commonly caused by bacteria, erythrasma appears generally in and around folds of the skin. It can become a chronic or long-term condition which needs treatment. Those with type 2 diabetes can suffer from erythrasma. The condition can be a warning sign for a more serious condition and should be treated immediately.

Ages affected - Increases with age but no particular age group is said to be vulnerable.


Self - diagnosable
Any brown or red patch, scale or wrinkle on the skin should be taken seriously. This is more common in the armpit or groin areas.

People may experience

Red or brown patches around folds of skin
Scaling of skin in some cases


Self-care: Proper hygiene of the affected area should be maintained using anti-bacterial soaps. Most cases of erythrasma do not need medical attention unless severe and prolonged. Diabetics need to take special care as they are vulnerable to this health issue.

Medication: Depending on the severity of the condition, either oral antibiotics or application of creams and ointments or use of red light therapy may be recommended.

Specialists: You should contact a physician in case the condition prolongs.

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