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Dysphagia: Difficulty in swallowing


Problem or pain in swallowing the eatables or liquids due to several reasons

Normally, the percentage of people having dysphagia is around 16 to 23 percent. But as the older people suffer more from this problem, so percentage increase to 27 percent.[1]

- This problem is self-diagnosable.
- It requires a medical diagnosis if the problem continues.
- Treatment is possible with the help of specialists or doctors.
- Some tests like upper endoscopy or manometry may be required in worst conditions.
- It is medium term that resolves within months.

Dysphagia, basically a problem related to swallowing, is caused due to many reasons like not chewing properly or eating fast. It becomes difficult and much effort is required in moving eatables or liquids from mouth to esophagus and to stomach. There are certain conditions where it becomes impossible to swallow.


Self-diagnosable - Occurrence of pain and coughing while swallowing, not able to swallow the food, and the feeling that food is stuck in the throat
Stomach symptoms - Heartburn problem, stomach acid or undigested food acid going back to the throat (maybe burps), vomiting, or throwing up the swallowed food
Throat - Harsh voice and coughing
Sudden weight loss


Self-care: Chew food completely, eat slowly, and eat small bites of food at a time. Take more fluids. Avoid those foods that are hard to swallow.

Medicines: It is better to take recommended medicines. Otherwise, take those over-the-counter medicines that are either in the liquid form or can be crushed for swallowing easily.

Swallowing Therapy: With the help of speech therapist, you can learn how to swallow in different ways.

Specialists: For some serious concerns, in case if the problem persists for long, connect with your physician. You can directly contact the mfine doctors for getting it treated as soon as possible.

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