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Dryness: Symptoms and Treatment


A skin condition that often results in itchy, scaly skin.

Extremely common affecting most individuals

- Often self-diagnosable
- Can be treated or managed
- Imaging and tests rarely required
- Can be both, chronic or acute

Dryness on the skin is typically caused due to lack of moisture and is common during the dry, winter months. The common areas include the face, arms, hands, and legs. It may be a sign of a skin condition or a temporary occurrence due to environmental factors.


Self-diagnosable: Regular dryness can be self-diagnosed with white, flaky skin being common symptoms.
Tightness: In the skin
Itching: Accompanied with flaking or peeling skin
Fine lines: Accompanied with rough skin
Cracked skin: May bleed in severe cases


Self-care: Avoid showering with very hot or cold water. Also, limit your shower time. Moisturize your body regularly. Use a gentle moisturizing soap. Drinking sufficient water is important to keep the skin supple and hydrated. You can also opt for a humidifier in your room.
In winters and dry weather, cover up your skin as much as possible to limit exposure.

Medication: Prescription creams and ointments may also be advised for extreme dryness condition.
Specialists: For any other concerns you can consult a dermatologist. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for all your health concerns.

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